Course Outline

By working through this free online training course, you will gain the skills and confidence to offer tourists (we prefer to call them visitors) a genuinely heartfelt welcome – the type that only a person who loves their region can deliver.

We know that if visitors are greeted at every touchpoint during their stay with a warm welcome and genuine interaction, they’ll have a positive experience. Positive experiences lead to loyal advocates and rave reviews that encourages more people to come and visit too!

Why become a Tassie Tourism Ambassador?

  • Gain a meaningful and respected credential for your CV
  • Build valuable and transferable skills
  • Help with your career advancement
  • Networking opportunities with other tourism people
  • Stay up to date with regular advice and notifications

About the course

To become a Tassie Tourism Ambassador, you will need to successfully complete all the elements of the online course.

There are four modules to work through with some mini quizzes along the way:

  • Module 1: Understanding the tourism industry
  • Module 2: Storytelling
  • Module 3: Exceeding Customer Expectations
  • Module 4: Knowing your Destination (including 9 destination modules) See options below.

(*You need to complete at least one destination module to achieve Ambassador status)

You are required to work through the modules one at a time, moving forward after each one is complete. If you want to stop at any time, you are welcome to come back when you're ready and keep going from where you left off. Take as long as you need.


The course is FREE and will take around 2-3 hours to complete online.

Once you’ve watched the short videos, read the content and successfully completed the quizzes, you’ll be rewarded with Tassie Tourism Ambassador status.

Then what?

You’ll receive an email of acknowledgment in the interim with an e-Certificate, followed by a lapel badge in the post.

You can add it to your CV and demonstrate to future employers that you care enough about your area to want to offer all visitors a warm Tassie welcome.

Ready to get started?

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Module 1: Understanding Tasmania's Tourism Industry

Having some understanding of the tourism industry and how it is managed, as well as a bit about the people who come to Tasmania can be very useful for anyone who works in the visitor economy. This module is designed to give an overview of the various players in the tourism space, and an understanding of the type of people that like to come to Tasmania and what they like to do when they get here. Scroll down to get started on Module 1.

Module 2: Storytelling

This next module will give you the tools and confidence to tell your story and that of your destination with pride and clarity. The ability to engage with guests by sharing your stories and telling amazing stories about other people and places will help them feel like they've learnt something and give them a memorable experience they'll talk about for ages.

Module 3: Exceeding Visitor Expectations

The next module of the Tassie Tourism Ambassador Program reminds you why you've chosen this industry in the first place. It reminds you to think about things from the point of view of the visitor, and how to be yourself while still providing a memorable experience.

Module 4: Knowing your Destination

Finally, knowing as much as you can about your area and why it’s so special helps you to give visitors accurate information and recommendations with confidence. The videos and additional readings are relevant to the destination. Select from the list which area you’d like to learn about. You must complete at least one destination to successfully complete this course. You can come back and learn about other destinations as they are loaded if you wish!